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Theological Education

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Holiday Schedule - NTS will be closed - December 18 - January 2

Ministry PATH

Designed for those currently engaged in ministry and seeking to complete their

Ministry degree. 

Complete your Master's Degree in as little as six months

Your program length and cost will vary by your degree program, transfer credits, and academic progress.

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Northwind Seminary Faculty

have two of the 5 Best Sellers on

Amazon's - Christianity & Psychology

#1 Len Sweet










#4 Tom Oord





listed on 11/03/2013

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I stumbled upon Northwind through a combination of divine Providence and Instagram where I saw an advert for the Romantic Theology program guided by Dr. Michael Christensen. It was the summer of 2020 and the peak of the COVID lockdowns. Amidst the restlessness and anxiety of that time, Northwind gave me an outlet for my theological and imaginative yearnings and formed me to hone them into articulate and creative ends. I cannot be more grateful to God for leading me to Northwind to form me as both a disciple of Jesus and minister to others.

Brain Roden

Northwind offers a new style of online learning: Guided Education

When most people think of seminary courses, they envision a professor standing at the front of a classroom, giving lectures and facilitating discussions. While this can be an effective method of teaching, it is not the only way. At Northwind Theological Seminary, courses are designed to be taken by individual students anywhere with wifi, at their own pace, on any device they choose.

Northwind's teaching philosophy is called Guided Education, which is based on Competency-Based Theological Education. Faculty mentors vet resources, organize learning, and guide students through Video-Lecture Courses, Tutorial Courses, and Oxford-Style Courses, allowing students to learn in a way that works best for them.



Start your online
courses at any time


Study on a schedule that fits your life


Faculty Mentors

Zoom with your

Faculty Mentor


Oxford-Style Courses




3-credit courses

are 30-90 days


6-credit courses

are 60-120-days.



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Northwind Seminary is a Contextualization Partner with Kairos University

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