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Seminary Press Student Series

Northwind Seminary Press publishes high-quality books by faculty, students, pastors, organizational leaders, and other professionals who creatively explore themes of spiritual importance and share our mission to equip the Church for a new Reformation.

We publish professional and academic books, works of fiction and creative nonfiction, and faculty and student manuscripts-- that meet the criteria of the Northwind brand.

We are a selective, innovative “boutique publisher” that cultivates a creative group of authors and focused texts that fit a smaller niche in today’s profit-driven, large-house publishing priorities. Our authors are independent, entrepreneurial, relational, and intellectually coherent in a postmodern world of isolated contexts of meaning. They publish with Northwind because we offer an alternative publishing experience designed for both emerging and established authors and traditional and non-traditional writers.


We offer peer-reviewed manuscript evaluation, micro and macro editing, page formatting for publication, cover design, and access to book publishing in hardback, softback, and E-book formats. marketing support is available for our community of authors who seek an academic press for their scholarship and professional resources.

To start the process, click on one of the sample book images below:

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