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Northwind Seminary


Northwind Theological Seminary is an ecumenical, online seminary serving many denominations. Biblically-based with theological roots in the Wesleyan tradition, we have a strong emphasis on Contextual Ministry, Spiritual Formation, and Discipleship.


Offering accessible, affordable, quality, online theological education to local pastors, bi-vocational & second career clergy, and lifelong learners for faithful and creative ministry in the NeXtChurch — "A New Re-formation" & "The new thing" God is doing in the world" (Isa. 43:19)


The name of our seminary--Northwind--points to the breath of God and the dynamic movement of the Spirit to orient the compass of our lives to true North. Symbolically, northernness is an orientation in life, a quality of character, an image and metaphor in theology and ministry, the first of the four Cardinal points of the circle to which all others are related. For C. S. Lewis and other great writers, the way to God lies to the North.


Nondiscriminatory Policy

Northwind Theological Seminary does not discriminate

in admissions or the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs,

or other seminary-administered programs.

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