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Bishop Cassandra Montgomery

Doctor in Specialized Ministry

Faith-Based Education



NTS Guest Lecturer

I am honored to be part of the first graduate class.

During the time I attended the seminary, I was grieving from losing my husband, my mother, and starting a new school.
The times were tough but I made it through by the Grace of God. Being able to attend school anywhere with any device anytime made it so much easier for me to focus on the things of ministry. In the middle of a pandemic, anytime/anywhere was the best for me. I thank the Lord God that through it all and
trusting in Him, I made it as a graduate of NTS with my third Doctoral degree.

Jeff Schei.jpg

Jeff Schei

Master in Pastoral Ministry


"I am a fully employed, married, father of three that waited far too long to dive into a Master's Program because of my fear of the time commitment and my abilities.  NTS was a perfect fit - 100% online, patient, flexible and the staff was very helpful every step of the way.  I needed the support and convenience afforded by NTS to make this degree achievable. It didn't take long before Dr. Duncan was not just a mentor but also a great friend. I am so grateful I finally signed up and did it."

Britt Hartley.jpeg

Britt Hartley


Master in Specialized Ministry


I am a stay-at-home mom with four young children and a passion for theology and philosophy. I'm so grateful for this experience in being able to complete my Master's Degree while at home. Not only did it work for my schedule, but Dr. Duncan also worked with me to create classes that fit my future ministry in spiritual direction for those without a religious community. I have nothing but positive things to say about the program, the quality of education, the degree of mentorship from Dr. Duncan, and the tools it gave me for my particular audience of spiritual need. I cannot recommend this program enough!


Jonathan Foster

Master of Contextualized Ministry

Working with Dr. Duncan and NTS to finish up my master's degree was really enjoyable. They offered flexibility, expertise, and a commitment to make my education experience meaningful and practical. I highly encourage you to see how they can help you on your education journey! 


David McGrew

Master of Specialized Ministry
Pastoral Ministry

What I’ve found most exciting about my opportunity to study through Northwind is the cutting-edge philosophy of ‘guided education’ married to modern technology. It’s a given that as a mature student, it was easier to fit learning into my world in this fashion, but up to this era, distance learning has always carried the sense of a poorer, second cousin. 


I’ve come to see, as I glance around at the larger world of education, which is being retooled as you read this, that the Guided Education, as applied through Northwind’s programs has the best shot at moving it’s participants forward into a real life and meaningful new phase of life and ministry. 


NTS.Hardy 1.jpeg

Cheryl Hardy 

Doctor of Specialized Ministry
Faith-Based E

My experience at Northwind Theological Seminary was unique, the convenience of using your devices and the faculty support is phenomenal. 
In the past, I wouldn't have chosen online studies for my educational journey. This is one of the best decisions I made and I so grateful for this opportunity. 
Matt Paris.png

Matt Green

Doctor of Specialized Ministry
Faith-Based E

I could not be happier with my studies at Northwind Theological Seminary.


I have been looking for a program that matches my interests and lifestyle. Northwind clearly matched both. I will be forever thankful that I was able to grow intellectually, professionally, and spiritually during the COVID lockdown season. I can't wait to enhance my personal ministry by utilizing what I've learned in my studies and to get involved with Northwind in any way I can.

Andre Rabe.jpg

Andre Rabe
Doctor of Theology & Ministry
Open & Relational Theology

My experience on the DTM-CORT Program has been so enriching - both the content and the format. The "Any Time, Any Where" format allows for the necessary flexibility, and is exactly what I needed in order to fit it in with all my other commitments. I can highly recommend the program.

You are loved. You have always been loved and you will always be loved, for God is love.

Dawn Lynn.jpg

Dawn Lynn Smith
Doctor of Specialized Ministry

My NTS educational experience was very enjoyable. The flexibility of the format enabled me to reach my educational goals. As a "Mature" student who is busy in Ministry, I appreciated that I was given the option to choose the time of instructional times. I felt respected throughout the entire process.


Reggie Weems


Doctor of Theology & Ministry


Romantic Theology

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for the privilege of studying at Northwind. It is indeed, Wordsworth’s 'impatient wind' and Milton’s ‘enormous bliss,’ that weekly bursts into my schedule and whisks me away into another world. And this, in addition to the weekly reading and the videos that also call me into the reality of romantic theology. Its impact does not remain only with me, but effervesces into the lives of my family, congregation, friends and writing.  As a doctoral student, ] I am [joyfully] overwhelmed by Northwind. This work is stimulating” and I am grateful to be part of it!
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