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Romantic Theology


Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Spirituality & Ministry - Center Director


The Doctoral Degree Program in Romantic Theology at Northwind is believed to be the first of its kind in theological education. According to Professor Michael Christensen, “Romantic Theology as developed by the Oxford Inklings represents a cross-current of Theology and Literature focused on the creative imagination as a portal to divine revelation. Its romantic and religious themes foster spiritual formation and ministry applications. The spirited collaboration of the Inklings produced a body of work worthy of the name.”


A romantic theologian does not mean one who is romantic about theology, but one who is theological about romance, one who considers the theological implications of those experiences which are called romantic.”
— C. S. Lewis in Essays Presented to Charles Williams

The study of the Romantic Theology of the Oxford Inklings reinforces the classical vision of a loving Creator in whose image humans find their creative source. By focusing on what C.S. Lewis calls the "baptized imagination", the program interprets biblical images, metaphors, mythologies, inspired poetry, and other elements of Romantic literature to inform narrative preaching, creative writing, and imaginative reflection on Christian doctrine. 


Doctoral students currently in the Romantic Theology degree program include local priests and pastors, aspiring and published authors, active and retired missionaries, and teachers and Deans in Christian schools who seek to enrich their curriculum. 

The Romantic Theology concentration offers life-long learners a formative way to read or review the creative works of the Oxford Inklings, do original research in the field of Inklings Studies, and contribute to the future of Romantic Theology as a subclass of theological studies.

Learn more about Romantic Theology as a discipline in this blog post from Center Director Michael J. Christensen.

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Doctor of Theology


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Michael J. Christensen, PhD

Director of The Center for Theology, Spirituality, and Ministry at Northwind

Professor of Theology & Spiritual Formation

Academic Dean, Senior Faculty

Meet Michael J. Christensen (M.A., Yale; Ph.D., Drew University), Professor of Theology, Spirituality, & Ministry - Center Director. Michael is the author of C. S. Lewis on Scripture, contributor to The C. S. Lewis Study Bible, former Resident Scholar at The Kilns in Oxford, and author and/or editor of eleven books on spirituality and social justice.


DR. CHARLIE W. STARR, (Doctor of Arts, English)

Program Faculty for Inklings Studies

Charlie is the author of seven books, including The Faun’s Bookshelf: C. S. Lewis on Why Myth Matters, The Lion's Country and is hailed as the world’s leading expert on C. S. Lewis’s handwriting.  CLICK for recent interview


DR. CRYSTAL HURD (Ed.D., Educational Leadership)

Program Faculty for Inklings Studies

Crystal is the Reviews Editor for Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal, Recipient of the Clyde S. Kilby Research Grant for Inkling Research 2020 and C.S. Lewis as Transformational Leader.


Associate Professor for Spiritual Formation and Inklings Studies

Terry is an editor, author, and international speaker on C. S. Lewis and the Visual Arts; and author of The Spiritual Legacy of C. S. Lewis, Discovering God Through the Arts, and other noted books and articles on great books and  visual arts.

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