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The purpose of  The Center for Theology, Spirituality, and Ministry is to create connection among a community of scholars (both faculty and students) in virtual residence at Northwind Seminary, who seek support in their calling to learn and grow, preach and teach, write and publish, and minister in church and community.


Northwind’s pedagogy features video lectures and Oxford-style one-on-one tutorials via Zoom for individual students who study in their own time and place, and at their own pace. 


Our Doctoral Degree Programs offer three professional concentrations: Romantic Theology,
Spiritual Formation, and Faith-Based Community Development.

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Romantic Theology—the legacy of the Oxford Inklings in the 1930-40’s—focuses on creative imagination and narrative theology as expressed by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, and other writers in their literary circle. Those who want to formally study the writings of the Inklings or contribute to the future of Romantic theology should apply to this program.

Listen to an audio profile of the RT Program featuring Dr. Christensen and Dr. Charlie Starr

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Spiritual Formation is the formation of the heart or deepest self, requiring both a ‘baptized imagination’ and an enlightened mind. This program focuses on Henri Nouwen's distinctive approach to spiritual direction, formation, and discernment. Students who want to study the writings of Nouwen and his sources should apply to this program.


Academic Dean

Center Director

Professor of Theology & Spiritual Formation

“What the world needs now is Romantic theology of head, heart, and hand. I find a sweet nexus of joy at the intersection of theology, spirituality and ministry in service to what we call ‘the neXt church of the new Reformation.'”

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Faith-Based Community Development is one of the many practical applications of spiritual formation and Romantic theology, and as such, is included in the program offerings of the Center for Theology, Spirituality, and Ministry. Students who want to equip themselves with practical tools for community development ministry, or train others in neighborhood revitalization, should apply to this program.

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Visiting Faculty for Inklings Studies  and Romantic Theology

Charlie is teaching courses on Tolkien, Lewis, and Barfield.


Visiting Faculty for Inklings Studies  and Romantic Theology

Crystal is teaching courses on Honorary and Other Inklings.


DSM - Spiritual Formation
  MA - History

Visiting Faculty for Spiritual Formation and Inklings Studies 

Terry is teaching courses on Honorary and Other Inklings.



Visiting Faculty for Faith-Based Community Development

Annie is an experienced facilitator in community development and non-profit leadership.


Visiting Faculty for Social Innovation

Rachel is a leading voice and trainer in the new field of social innovation.


Assistant Dean for African Outreach and Faculty Mentor for Global Missions

Caroline is an expert in international relief and development.

:Distinguished Lecturers include

  • Owen A. Barfield

  • Brenton Dickieson, PhD

  • Rev. Malcolm Guite, PhD

  • Diana Pavlac Glyer, PhD

  • Suzanne Bray, PhD

  • Sorina Higgins, PhD

  • Andrew Lazo, MA

  • Lou Markos, PhD

  • Rt. Rev. Seraphim Sigrist

  • Michael Ward, PhD

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