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Guided Education

Traditional Theological Education provided a learning environment that was based on

  • Full-Time Residential Students

  • Professor at the front of the Room

  • Lecturing - asking and answering questions

  • Small-group discussions with a teaching assistant

  • Hours in the Library

  • Classes were scheduled based on the Faculty schedules

NTS Courses are designed for busy Adult Learners who need to take a course anytime, anywhere, on any device (with WIFI) using a new way to deliver online education: 

Guided Education is our new teaching method

  • This method was developed by our Faculty, who worked together in 1996 to launch Drew Theological School's Global Online Doctor of Ministry degree

  • At NTS, Faculty Mentors work directly with individual students:

  • Vetting resources

  • Organizing Learning

  • Guiding student learning 

  • Video-Based Micro-Lectures

  • ZOOM Video Conferencing

  • Digital Theological Library - used by ATS Accredited Seminaries

  • Many Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries are now teaching online They are teaching online because they have to …  

    • The Pandemic required it

    • Students are demanding it

  • At NTS, we are online because we want to be …

    • Guided Education allows our students to

  • Balance:     Work | Ministry | Finance | Family

  • Study:     Anywhere | Anytime | Any Device

  • Learn:          Reading  | Reflecting |  Writing

To learn more about “the new thing” that is happening at Northwind, visit:

This current Blog series will include:

  • Competency-Based Theological Education (CBTE)

  • Articulation Agreements

  • Contextualization Partners

Stay tuned … we have a lot to share …


Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr.

Founder & President of Northwind Consortia

Academic | Institute | Seminary | Press

Professor of Leadership & Specialized Ministry

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