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Wesleyan Studies


John Wesley lived out of a commitment to addressing the needs of the poor and suffering through social and political engagement.

  • Wesley engaged in social justice issues by combining the context of his ministry and his community.

  • He would preach in the open air to reach those outside the congregational gatherings of the church. 

  • He visited prisoners, spent time with the poor, campaigned against those who exploited the poor, opposed slavery, and worked to end child labor. 

For Wesley, social justice as an expression of holiness is integral to the mission of the Church.

Meet The Faculty


Paul Chilcote, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor

Wesleyan Studies

John Wesley Fellow

Past President, Charles Wesley Society

RJD BIO_edited.jpg

Rob Duncan, DMin

Professor of
Leadership and Specialized Ministry

Member, Wesleyan Theological Society

NTS.RT.Christensen Academic Dean.jpg

Michael Christensen, Ph.D.

Professor of
Theology & Spiritual Formation

John Wesley Fellow


Steve Manskar DMin

Distinguished Lecturer

Wesleyan Studies Program Faculty

Amelia Koh-Butler

Amelia Koh-Butler, DIS

Distinguished Lecturer

Wesleyan Studies Program Faculty

Progressive Wesleyan Theology

 --- A Theology of Love

Mildred Bangs Wynkoop called Jesus’ two great commandments the hermeneutic for John Wesley’s theology. We agree, and we have designed the Wesleyan Studies track to incarnate this theology in the lives and ministries of those enrolled in it.

Among identifiable progressive theological elements, we note the following focal points:

     --Christological core

     --Eclectic/Synthetic approach

     --Inclusive community


     --Exploratory disposition

     --Justice ministries

     --Ecological sensitivity

     --Lived theology

     --Movement orientation

     --Missional intent

     --Nonviolent spirit

     --Re-formation paradigm

These threads weave themselves into the tapestry of the degree track. Students develop particular aspects of them in relation to their sense of vocation. The combination of a general education and personal/professional interest makes for a tailored educational experience that had direct application to life.

Master in Contextual Ministry


Doctor in Specialized Ministry

NTS.Wesley Manifesto.jpg

A Doctor in Theology and Ministry degree is a professional research doctorate. An academic alternative to the Ph.D. degree, the DTM is directed and examined in the same way as a Ph.D. course of study.

Our Wesleyan Studies DTM is anchored in selected primary documents by John and Charles Wesley, and other transformational leaders in early Methodism, and since


Northwind Institute|Seminary is a member of the Digital Theological Library which has a rich Wesleyan collection including:


Citing Wesley Style Sheet

A short guide for helping students cite works by John Wesley

A Christian Library by John Wesley

Among his many writings, John Wesley edited and abridged a number of devotional classics and republished them in what he called A Christian Library. These "Extracts from and Abridgments of the Choicest Pieces of Practical Divinity Which Have Been Published in the English Tongue," as Wesley subtitled them, were first published in 50 volumes in 1750. The present digital collection was scanned from the 1821 edition of these classics, published in 30 volumes.

Wesleyan Theological Journal

The journal of the Wesleyan Theological Society. This is the archive of the issues from 1966-2010.

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