Portfolio Paper


​Portfolio Paper Course Outline

  • Length of Paper = 60-page minimum

    • The title page and table of contents do not count
      These pages should not have numbers

  • The following shall be used to format the paper.

    • 1" margins

    • 10-12 pt (font size)

    • Ariel, Courier, New Times Roman

    • Double-Spaced

    • Indented Quotes Single-Spaced

    • PDF File Format

    • Title Page: Centered on page


      Submitted by
      Insert Your Name

      In Partial Requirements for the
      Doctor in Contextual Ministry Degree
      Northwind Theological Seminary

      Date Submitted


  •  Paper has a 60-page minimum and is  formatted into these Chapters:

    • Title Page (Does not  count toward the 60-page minimum)

    • Table of Contents Page (Does not  count toward the 60-page minimum)

    • Introduction - Overview of the Problem/Issue/Research

    • Chapter 1 Research    (1st Course)

    • Chapter 2 Project        (2nd Course)

    • Chapter 3 Conclusion  (3rd Course)
      The Conclusion must address the following:

      • The Student's Context (Where) (Description) of ministry

      • The Student's Notion (What) (Research ) of ministry

      • The Student's unique Approach (How) (Project) to ministry

      • What concepts were affirmed by the research & project

      • What concepts were challenged by the research & project

      • What was the most important thing learned during the research & project?

    • Bibliography (Not: Works Cited or Selected Bibliography)
      Include all sources used, even if you did not quote them.

    • Appendix(s)


Grading will be based on:

  • Academic Content

  • Formatting 

  • Use of Grammar

  • Use of quotes

  • Use of footnotes

  • Completed Bibliography

  • Appendix content & numbering