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Graduation Hat Throw

Graduation and Academic Honors: 


Students may request graduation after completing all Unofficial Transcript / Degree Plan requirements, including clearance from the Writing Center and Financial Services.


The Graduation Process 

  1. The Faculty Mentor submits the grade for the Final Degree Paper.

  2. The Final Degree Paper is then forwarded to the Writing Center for a review of:
    - Format based on Final Degree Paper Outlines
    - Turabian 9th edition for abstract, footnotes, citation, and bibliography 
    - Grammarly Check
    - Plagiarism Check


  3. The student then completes any required edits and resubmits the Final Degree Paper to the writing center using the submit your paper button on the STUDENTS page.

  4. After approving the Final Degree Paper, the Student Support Services Director invites the student to graduate.

  5. The student completes the Graduation Application using the Request Graduation button on the student page.
    Students in Kairos Degree Programs must complete the Continuing Well Course before submitting the Graduation Application.

    The student fee subscription is canceled, and the student's status is changed to Alumni.
    Invitations to join the Alumni Association and participate in a Postgraduate Publishing experience are emailed.


  6. The Registrar and Dean of Degree Programs review the Graduation Packet, which is then shipped to the student. 
    The review process takes two to three weeks to complete.


The Graduation Packet includes:

  • Graduation Letter

  • Padded Diploma Cover

  • Diploma

  • Unofficial Transcript 

  • Official Transcript 

NTS does not hold an annual in-person graduation ceremony.


Students may request a Virtual Graduation experience at their church or a private event with family and friends.

Students in an approved Cohort may request an in-person Graduation Ceremony in Florida.


Students may request Honor Cords and/or Medallions based on their GPA


Honors: single braided honors cord

Honors: GPA. of 3.5 to 3.9

High Honors: double braided honors cord
High Honors: GPA. of 4.0

Distinction: Honors medallion

Distinction: GPA. > 4.0  




Honors Society

In each Oxford Season, the Faculty may recommend, and the President may select a Valedictorian and Salutatorian from the students graduating with Distinction or High Honors. 

Michaelmas from September to December

Hilary's term from January to April

Trinity term from May to August


Graduation Application
Upload Degree Paper PDF

Thanks for submitting!

Academic Regalia:

Academic Colors are Maroon & Gold


Masters Regalia includes a Master’s Gown with tapered sleeves and a Mortarboard cap with black or maroon tassel.


Doctoral Regalia includes a Doctoral Gown with maroon front panels, three maroon chevrons with gold trim on the sleeves, a Maroon and gold Hood, and a Tam cap.


Doctoral Degrees with approved cohorts have the option of designing a custom Doctoral Gown and using the standard Hood and eight-sided TAM cap with a gold tassel. Approval by the President is required for this option.


Students graduating with Honors may request Honor Cords/ Medallions.


Master's Degree

Black Gown Gown with arm extensions

Black Mortarboard Graduation Cap

Black Tassel


Doctoral Degree

Black Gown

Maroon Panels with gold trim

Maroon Arm bars with gold trim

Maroon & Gold Hood

Black Eight Sided TAM with Gold Tassel

Samples of Diploma Frames

NTS.Diploma Frame.1.jpg
NTS.Diploma Frame.2.jpg
NTS.Diploma Frame.3.jpg
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