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Old Testament Readings - 3 Credits

Old Testament Readings - 3 Credits


The course category OT Readings is designed to give an introduction to understanding the literature found in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.  

The particular course focus can vary.  The course will examine the background history and the literary context for the narratives of the book or genre of books (for example: minor prophets) and explore its message for living faithfully with hope and meaning.


 The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the historical background,  purpose, structure, unique features, and content of the chosen canonical book or genre.  

The course begins with an introductory discussion of the issues related to the authorship and interpretation and then attempts to understand the book’s central message and purpose, its content,  and its historical situation. Special attention will be given to interpreting individual passages in light of the author’s assumed intended purpose for the presumed original audience. Throughout the course, current  literature related to the topic under discussion will be introduced. 

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