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Christian Worship

Christian Worship


Christian Worship


Course Description – This is a course in the Master's Degree Program. The course is a 3-credit course designed to introduce students to Christian Worship. 


Course Outcomes –Students will be able to

  • Articulate and understand key biblical and theological perspectives on Christian worship.

  • Think critically and discerningly about the issues associated with congregational worship.

  • Demonstrate sensitivities that will enable you do plan and lead services that will draw worshipers into the presence of God and deal with conflict that might arise.

  • Demonstrate skills in worship planning that worship services are relevant, creative, and contextual.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how worship differs in small churches and skills in developing worship for the smaller church context.

  • Appreciate collaborative styles of worship planning that value the gifts of others.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how personal spirituality impacts our ability to lead others in worship and spiritual growth.

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