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Working from Home


Northwind Seminary's Bachelor Equivalency PATH is designed for working adults engaged in Ministry.


At Northwind Seminary, our faith-based degree completion programs are designed to fit into your
lifestyle, family, work, and Ministry. There are no semesters at NTS; start your course anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our students take one course at a time and study at their own pace, completing courses in as little as 30 days and a maximum of 120 days.


The Bachelor Degree Equivalency Program (BEDP) provides a pathway for students who have not completed a bachelor's degree to enter the Master of Specialized Ministry degree. The BEDP requires a toal of 120 credits of coursework and experiential credits.

Northwind Academic evaluates up to 60 credits of Ministry experience, Ministry training, and other related life experience credits. The completed Ministry Experience Credit Portfolio (MECP) determines the number of academic Credits that can be applied to the BECP. 


Students with less than 60 credits of approved coursework or awarded experience credit take courses from Northwind Institute to meet this BEDP requirement.

Northwind Institute provides the required 60 credits of Biblical, Theological, and General Studies courses to complete the BEDP.

30 hours of Bible/Theology

30 hours of General Studies 


Environmental Science


World Religions

Religious Art

The BECP is used solely for admission to the MSMin degree and does not result in a Bachelor's Degree transcript or diploma.


The Faculty Mentor facilitates scheduled video conversations and participates in the portfolio preparation and examination.


Students journey through a series of research milestones to generate the final Pinnacle Project that addresses a Need or Opportunity in their ministry context.


Students set their own schedule and proceed at their own pace. Each 3-credit course can be completed within 30 to 90 days. Each 6-credit course can be completed in 60-120 days.

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