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Working from Home


Northwind Seminary's Master's Degree Completion program is designed for working adults engaged in Ministry.


At Northwind Seminary, our faith-based degree completion programs are designed to fit into your
lifestyle, family, work, and Ministry.  There are no semesters at NTS.


Our students take one course at a time and study at their own pace completing courses in as little as 30 days and a maximum of 120 days.


NTS Master Degree Completion students can bring up to 9 credits of previous coursework and Ministry, business, & military experience. These credits are evaluated by Northwind Academic. Approved coursework credits and awarded experiential credits are transferred to Northwind Seminary.

Students with less than 9 transferrable credits of coursework or experience credit take courses from Northwind Institute that transfer to Northwind Seminary.


Master in Specialized Ministry


COURSE of STUDY - 30 Credits

3 credits - Ordination or Commission

 3 credits - Ministry Training
 ​3 credits - Ministry Experience



3 credits - Introduction to Graduate Studies


6 credits - Capstone Research Methods

6 credits - Capstone Research Course

6 credits - Capstone Paper Course


Faculty Mentors:

Rev. Robert J. Duncan, Jr. DMin
Professor of Leadership & Specialized Ministry


Rev. Leroy Thompson, DMin

Professor of Pastoral Ministry


The Faculty Mentor facilitates scheduled video conversations and participates in the portfolio preparation and examination.


Students journey through a series of research milestones to generate the final Capstone Project that addresses a Need or Opportunity in their ministry context.


Students set their own schedule and proceed at their own pace. Each 3-credit course can be completed within 30 to 90 days. Each 6-credit course can be completed in 60-120 days.

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