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Jonathan Foster


Jonathan Foster, DThM hangs out with people and talk about their faith on my podcast. Oh, and I write. Some books have won awards. Some haven’t. (Sad). And apparently, I get to add Dr. to my name as I successfully defended my work in mimetic theory and open and relational theology. So, make sure to let everyone know about that news.

Let’s see, what else? Well, I help authors make books at SacraSagePress, and if you’re interested in content development for your writing (both creatively or theologically), then shoot me an email, because I help with all that and more.

Oh, and for any ministry-types out there who have found themselves moved out of constrictive/conservative theological spaces (hard to imagine, I know), see

If you can’t find me on FB it’s because I’m blocked (!), but just subscribe to my Substack page and you’ll be good. Or find me on insta @jonathan_foster.

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