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Doctor in Specialized Ministry

Reflect critically upon your call to a specialized ministry, engage in contextualized theological reflection, experience guided learning experiences, and develop new approaches to a specialized ministry.


This Doctor in Specialized Ministry is a practical and professional degree program. It is centered around a research model of theological reflection that stresses the continual interaction and integration of the biblical, theological, and cultural context of ministry.

If you are seeking to develop new approaches to ministry that are rooted in your area of specialized ministry and have the capacity for leadership & academic inquiry, this program is for you!

Online | 36 Credits | Two Years



Doctor of Theology - Romantic Theology

can be completed in as little as two years

Ministry Seminar I 
Ministry Seminar II​

Research Methods
Research I
Research II
Doctoral Paper
Program Outcomes

With a focus on rich theological reflection on ministry practice, the Doctor in Specialized Ministry will help you develop and deepen your knowledge of theological content, be more fully formed in Christian character, and generate new understandings of the meaning of ministry. Through the program, you will develop and demonstrate proficiency in the following outcomes: Narrative Research Methodology, Specialized Ministry, Contextualized Ministry, Cultural Competency, and Biblical Integration. 


As part of the Doctor in Specialized Ministry program, you will be invited to generate high-level scholarly research for dissemination within a specialized theological field of inquiry toward improving ministry praxis. You will work alongside a Faculty Mentor in your specialized field of inquiry, and your entire learning experience will be individualized and contextualized toward exploring your degree concentration and research focus. 

Customized Learning Experiences

Northwind uses Guided Education as the foundation of an academic journey exploring specific specializations in ministry. As a Doctor in Specialized Ministry student, you will be able to engage in individualized and guided learning experiences that encourage deep theological reflection on ministry practice within your context and tradition. Faculty Mentors serve as your guides on this journey.

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