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Academic Imprint Series

The Press publishes Academic Books following a peer-review process:

The Press provides the following services:



Proposal Evaluation


The first step in publishing your book is to submit a proposal.  Please contact the publisher or an editor, pitch your idea. If the leadership of Northwind Press resonates with your good idea for a book and believes it would be a good fit with our mission, then you will be invited to submit a full proposal. After an initial consultation, the publisher or an editor will send you a Proposal Template. If you submit a proposal, the evaluator will offer comments and feedback on what might make your proposal more promising and identify the next steps. The cost of the valuation of the proposal is $150.00. 


Manuscript Evaluation


If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to submit the full manuscript for peer review and professional evaluation.
The evaluator(s) will offer comments and feedback on what might make your manuscript publishable and identify the next steps.
The cost of the valuation of the manuscript is $350.00.


Once your manuscript is accepted for publication, a contract with Northwind Press will be issued for signing.




There are three types of editorial services at Northwind: Copy editing, Micro editing, and Macro editing.


Copy editing is a relatively light touch of a final draft before the manuscript goes into production.  Sometimes copy editing is all that is required for an already polished manuscript.  Copy editing also includes page proofing and final approval for publication.
The cost of copy editing is $500.00.

Micro editing is professional polishing and minor enhancements to a relatively clean and clear manuscript. The cost of micro editing is 1000.00.

Macro editing is professional developmental editing requiring major restructuring and content enhancement. 
The cost of macro editing is $3000.00.


Imprint Publishing


Northwind Press and its imprint partner, SacraSage, will guide the production process that includes: typesetting, formatting, book dimensions and length, page design, cover content, and design, assigning ISBN number, price point, and uploads of a design file to Amazon KDP (for online sales) and Ingram Books (for distribution to book stores).


A production manager will work in direct collaboration with the author at every stage of the process. Your book will be published in hardback, paperback, and Kindle formats.  After receiving the first copy free, you will be able to order author copies directly from Amazon KDP.  Net royalty from sales will be split 50/50 with the author from the amount of what Northwind Press receives from sales.


The production cost for Northwind Academic Imprint Publishing is negotiated for each publication based on the number of pages and cover design.



Marketing Planning


Marketing consultants are available to Northwind authors.  The initial consultation and marketing orientation cost is $100.  More extensive marketing consultations and coaching are available through additional agreements.


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