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Wesleyan Studies
Doctoral Degree


"This degree focuses on the early Wesleyan tradition with the aim of equipping contemporary lay and clergy leaders for engagement in movements that advance the New Awakening and the NextChurch. Reaching marginalized people, renewing the church, and reforming the nation were at the heart of the Wesleys’ mission. This degree seeks to make them central for Christian living today."

Our Wesley Studies Track is anchored in the Oxford-style tutorial course entitled, Progressive Wesleyan Theology.​

COURSE OF STUDY - 36 Credits

Students will enjoy Oxford-Style Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Oxford Courses: 12 Credits
3-credit courses

  • Foundations of Wesleyan Theology

  • Wesley's Journals

  • Wesley's Sermons 

  • Wesley's Letters​

Portfolio Oxford Experience - 24 Credits
6-credit courses

  • Portfolio Research Methods
         This course provides a foundation for research  based our unique notion of Narrative Research


  • Portfolio Research I
         Collateral Reading from NTS Courses and Research regarding ministry specialization.


  • Portfolio Research II 
          This course focuses on researching the Student's interest in ministry.


  • Portfolio Paper
          Students will be encouraged to publish their Portfolio Paper on the Northwind site and
          as a Monograph for wider distribution in select peer-review journals.

NTS.Wesley Manifesto.jpg

Northwind Institute|Seminary is member of the Digital Theological Library which has a rich Wesleyan collection including:


Citing Wesley Style Sheet

A short guide for helping students cite works by John Wesley

A Christian Library by John Wesley

Among his many writings, John Wesley edited and abridged a number of devotional classics and republished them in what he called A Christian Library. These "Extracts from and Abridgments of the Choicest Pieces of Practical Divinity Which Have Been Published in the English Tongue," as Wesley subtitled them, were first published in 50 volumes in 1750. The present digital collection was scanned from the 1821 edition of these classics, published in 30 volumes.

Wesleyan Theological Journal

The journal of the Wesleyan Theological Society. This is the archive of the issues from 1966-2010.

Program Costs:

Tuition: $300 per credit hour


  • Application - Waived

  • Enrollment - $300

  • Library        - Waived

  • Graduation - $300



  • Duncan Family Fellow

  • Northwind Leader

  • Northwind Scholar

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