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Veronika Androsova

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Veronika Androsova is a Russian Biblical scholar and translator with wide international experience. Her specializations include the New Testament book of Revelation and educational methods of presenting the Bible. After completing her theological education in Moscow in the Russian Orthodox Church (2009), she lectured at Russian universities for several years. In 2013 she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at a Russian Orthodox Seminary, “Heavenly Books in the Apocalypse of John”, which was published in the same year. In 2016 she authored a two-volume book in Russian, “Bible for everyone: a course in 30 units”, which enjoys considerable popularity in Russia. The book obtained a prestigious award from the Committee of Orthodox Education and has already appeared in six editions. The book is read and appreciated by Orthodox Christians in seminaries and catechetical courses as well as by other Christian traditions.

Following her professional experience in Russia, Veronika pursued studies in an international environment at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium (2016-2019). There she studied in English language programs and obtained two degrees, Master of Arts (Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion) and Master of Science (in Educational Studies).

Besides university teaching, Veronika has experience in creating specialized block programs and leading talks on the Bible in Christian environments. She has given talks in parishes across Belgium, Austria, France, and Sweden; and taught an intensive program in Cameroon for the Pentecostal Biblical Institute “Alpha and Omega” in English and French. Veronika is a certified conductor of a dialogical method of presenting the Bible in groups (“Bibliolog”); she is a member of the German organization “Bibliolognetzwerk”.

Veronika speaks several foreign languages - English (fluently), French (upper-intermediate level), German (upper-intermediate level), Dutch (intermediate level), and knows the ancient languages, Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew.

She successfully worked as a translator, both from Dutch and from Latin. In 2020, she published the translation of a book written by the Belgian Old Testament professor Bénédicte Lemmelijn, “My Faith as a Biblical Scholar – A Fragile and Honest Answer” (translated from Dutch to Russian). Her professional interests include theology, pedagogy, languages, psychology, and music (singing and playing guitar).

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