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Erricson Mapfumo

Visiting Faculty

Revd. Ericcson T. Mapfumo is of Zimbabwean heritage and is an ordained Church of England clergyman currently based  in Leeds. He holds a number of  vocational and academic qualifications including a masters and bachelors in Theology, Ministry and Missions from Durham University. He has other qualifications in Building Physics and Construction. He trained at St Mary’s and St Paul’s Churches in Barnsley and worked as a community facilitator and project coordinator, as well as a lay chaplain at Barnsley College. In addition, he has experience of chaplaincies in the university, school, prison, and health sectors. His teaching qualifications and extensive background in education, especially in the Built Environment field, have enabled him to develop strong pedagogical expertise. He has significant experience of teaching Theology and Religion and Philosophy respectively at the Leeds School of Ministry, Barnsely College and Kingdom School of Theology.  As a post-colonial scholar with an interest in African and Liberation theology, he is particularly interested in reaching out to the community using cultural anthropology. As a former street pastor, he has developed his ministry portfolio alongside his current role as a priest, and is also a voluntary community organizer, working with agencies such as Citizens UK. Some of his hobbies and interests include playing and coaching chess, travelling, cooking, listening to blues music, and reading about sub-Saharan Africa. Revd. Ericcson enjoys interacting with people and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

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