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Bernadette Brown

Visiting Faculty

Bernadette became a Christian while in college in 1977 under the influence of Global Frontiers Church – Cameroon (GFCC). Shortly after she led an active life as an evangelist, despite much local opposition to women ministry. But given her prophetic and healing gifts, her pastoral call was recognized by 1982. She pastored in several villages, cities and provinces (now regions) of Cameroon while teaching in a public school. Her education suffered a setback from 1977 to 1981 due to her refusal to marry a local nonbeliever picked by her family who could have alleviated the poverty of the family. Nonetheless, her ministry under GFCC grew and expanded in planting of home cells, churches in various regions, hospital ministry (mostly among leprosy patients), the wayward, and homeless children.  The GFCC Presbytery gave her a scholarship to pursue theological education at Trinity College of Ministerial Arts in Nigeria from 1987-1990, upon her graduation with a Diploma in Theology, she met Kenneth Brown, and they were married by December 1991.

Bernadette after co-pastoring with Kenneth in Nigeria, together embarked on missions where they co-founded God’s Covenant Church International in Cameroon, Healing for the Nations Evangelistic Association, Voice of Victory Radio, Covenant Publication House, Feed the Poor Program (ONG), Faith Clinic- a medical center, and other ministries. Bernadette oversees the Women Aflame for Christ International, a women’s wing of the Church and coordinates the annual prayer conferences. Bernadette taught in the French department of Alpha and Omega Theological Institute in Douala, Yaoundé-Cameroon, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria while engaged in vocational ministries such as medical billing, retail and other small-scale businesses.

Bernadette alongside Kenneth pursued theological education at Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) while serving as missionaries to Europe and engaging in church planting in Belgium and France. She has since completed a BA and a Master of Science in Pentecostal and Evangelical Studies at CTS. She recently applied to pursue a research Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion at the Catholic University of Leuven. Bernadette is a Translator/ Interpreter, both in French and English in conferences and has edited many books, journals, and practitioner publications in French. She recently completed study in the Dutch language, levels 1 & 2. Bernadette is a coach, mentor, prayerful intercessor, and counselor for women of all status and classes, single ladies, and youth. Bernadette is active with Kenneth in social media ministry and  they travel as speakers for conferences and campaigns across Africa, Europe and the USA.

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