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DSMin - Christian Tradition

DSMin - Christian Tradition


Course Description –This Doctoral Course explores Christian Tradition from the Lens of Church History. The subject of this tutorial is Christian history, interpreted eschatologically as the beginnings and ends of eras. The four main topics are the 4 Great Acts of God in the Christian Tradition, roughly 500 years apart: 1) The Great Mystery (around 7 B.C), 2) The Imperial Church in the Great Roman Empire (500-1000 A.D.), 3) The Great Protestant Reformation (1500 A.D.), and 4)The Great Emergence (2000 A.D.). Within each great act of Divine initiative are apocalypticmoments, significant dates, key figures, and bold ideas that provide a new framework forunderstanding the eschatological history of Christianity.


Course Outcomes –

Students will be able to articulate their understanding of Christian Tradition in terms of Church History and Practice.

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