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Master's Degree
Pastoral Ministry


This degree has been designed for the local church Pastor who is a

Bi-vocational Pastor, Second Career Pastor or Lay Pastor.


Traditional seminary degrees are often out of reach due to work, family, geography or finances.

Our degree is offered entirely online featuring video-based micro-lectures, ZOOM video-conferencing, and tutorial formats.

The Diploma reads:

Master of Pastoral Ministry

The 60 credit hour course of study includes:

     Tutorial Course Experience

     Twelve 3-credit hour courses:

Introduction to Graduate Studies

Old Testament

New Testament

Church History


Pastoral Care

Spiritual Formation

Christian Worship & Preaching

Missional Church

Christian Education

Church Administration

Ministerial Ethics

Ministry Experience and Training Courses may be applied to the Tutorial Course requirements following an evaluation of those experiences.

Capstone Experience

Four 6-credit hour courses

Capstone Research I

Capstone Research II

Capstone Project

Capstone Paper

Round Library
ABC-USA Pastors

The twelve 3-credit hour courses meet the educational requirements for ordination in several ABC-USA Regions. Pastors who have completed Ordination Training in ABC-USA Regions may request advanced standing to transfer credits into this degree. ABC-USA Pastors who are members of American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains Region or The Ministers Council ABCUSA qualify for a special scholarship.


The Faculty Mentor facilitates scheduled video conversations and participates in the portfolio preparation and examination.


Students journey through a series of research milestones to generate the final Capstone Project that addresses a Need or Opportunity in their ministry context.


Students set their own schedule and proceed at their own pace. Each course can be completed within 30 to 90 days.

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