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What style of study does the Master in Relational Ministry and
Doctor in Theology & Ministry: Open & Relational Theology use?


These degrees use a combination of course styles: 







Students construct their course reading lists in consultation with their mentor and then meet online periodically online. Students research topics they want and work through the educational process under the tutelage of their doctoral advisor. The program is focused on one-on-one doctoral education. 

How long are the courses?

NTS courses and be completed in 30 days and must be completed within 90 days (Extensions are available on request)

How long does the Doctor in Theology & Ministry: Open & Relational Theology take?

Each degree is scheduled in consultation with the doctoral advisor. Students may take extended breaks if necessary. Students normally complete the degrees in less than 3 years.


Focused students can complete the degree in less than two years.

Do I have to travel or meet in a location?

This program is fully online. Students are not required to travel. Periodic virtual meetings on Zoom or other online video platforms are scheduled. 

Voluntary face-to-face meetups are scheduled alongside major conferences such at the American Academy of Religion. Although attendance at these gatherings is not required, students often find them encouraging and intellectually stimulating.

Do I have access to a library?

Students have access to the Digital Theological Library and help from its staff. This is the largest online library of theological books in the world.

During the Research course, students have two hours of access to a DTL Research Librarian

Addition hours with a DTL Research Librarian are available on a free basis

Comparison of Per-Credit Hour Costs for Doctor of Ministry Programs

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary $750/credit hour + fees

Drew Theological School   $690/credit hour + fees

Dallas Theological Seminary $650/credit hour + fees

Asbury Theological Seminary $620/credit hour + fees

Portland Seminary $604/credit hour + fees

Doctor in Theology & Ministry: Open and Relational Theology Degree at Northwind Theological Seminary $550/credit hour + fees

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Scholarships are available for persons of academic promise or financial need.

Students must complete the short application for scholarships.

At present, no full-tuition scholarships are offered.


Who directs and teaches in the degree programs?

Thomas Jay Oord is the director of the program and advisor for all Doctoral students in the Open & Relational Theology program. Students work directly with him.


Guest lecturers with specialized knowledge in subjects of interest meet virtually with students. 

Curtis Holtzen, Sheri Kling, Andrew Schwartz.


Can I transfer credits?


Students may transfer credits into the Master's Degree under most circumstances.

Transfer credits are not accepted into the Doctoral Degree.

Is this program accredited?

Northwind Theological School is a member of the Council for Private Colleges and has successfully completed the CPCA Commission Certification process. Click here to learn more about NTS Authority and Associations.

What are the admissions requirements?

The Master's Degree requires a Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent.

The Doctoral Degree requires a Master's Degree or Equivalent.

GMAT is not a requirement.


How do I apply?



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