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The Faith-Based Education degrees as designed to prepared administrators and faculty to develop academic programs in the context of their ministry. 

Program Costs:


  • Master's - $200 per credit hour

  • Doctoral - $300 per credit hour


  • Application - Waived

  • Enrollment - $300

  • Library        - Waived

  • Graduation - $300


  • Duncan Family Fellow

  • Northwind Leader

  • Northwind Scholar

Master in Contextual Ministry

Faith-Based Education

COURSE OF STUDY - 30 Credits

Students will enjoy Tutorial Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Introduction to Graduate Studies: 3-Credits


Theological Foundation: 3-credit courses

  • Old Testament - Video Course

  • New Testament- Video Course

  • Church History- Video Course

  • Theology- Video Course

Education Courses: 3-Credit Courses

  • Educational Theory - Tutorial Course

  • Curriculum Design - Tutorial Course

  • Administration - Tutorial Course

Capstone Experience: 6-credit course

  • Capstone Project
    Students will design an education project to be used in their context of ministry.

Doctor in Contextual Ministry

Faith-Based Communications

COURSE OF STUDY - 36 Credits

Students will enjoy Oxford-Style Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Tutorial Courses: 6-credit courses

  • Theological Foundations of Education

  • Technological Foundations of Education

  • Contextualization of Education

Portfolio Experience - six-credit courses

  • Portfolio Research 

  • Portfolio Project

  • Portfolio Paper

Students will be encouraged to publish their Portfolio Paper on the Northwind site and as a Monograph for wider distribution in select peer-review journals.

Faculty-Mentor Directed

The Faculty Mentor facilitates scheduled video conversations and participates in the portfolio preparation and examination.

Online and Flexible

Students set their own schedule and proceed at their own pace. Each course can be completed within 30 to 90 days.

Capstone Experience

Students in Master's Programs journey through a series of research milestones to generate the final Capstone Project that addresses a 

Need or Opportunity in their ministry context.

Portfolio Experience

Students journey through a series of research milestones to generate the final Project Portfolio that addresses a new understanding of their approach to ministry.

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