Faith-Based Communications

The Faith-Based Communications degrees as designed to prepared administrators and faculty to develop effective communication plans in the context of their ministry. 

The importance of digital communications is now a recognized factor in the effectiveness of ministry. This includes local churches, church institutions, and faith-based organizations.

These degrees offer a theological foundation for the practical application of digital communications.

Program Costs:


  • Master's - $100 per credit hour

  • Doctoral - $200 per credit hour


  • Application - Waived

  • Enrollment - $150

  • Library        - Waived

  • Graduation - $150


  • Duncan Family Fellow

  • Northwind Leader

  • Northwind Scholar

Master in Contextual Ministry

Faith-Based Communications

COURSE OF STUDY - 30 Credits

Students will enjoy Tutorial Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Introduction to Graduate Studies: 3-Credits


Theological Foundation: 3-credit courses

  • Old Testament - Video Course

  • New Testament- Video Course

  • Church History- Video Course

  • Theology- Video Course

Digital Media Courses: 3-Credit Courses

  • Web Design - Tutorial Course

  • Social Media - Tutorial Course

  • Visual Media - Tutorial Course

Capstone Experience: 6-credit course

  • Capstone Project
    Students will produce a digital media project to be used in their context of ministry.

Doctor in Contextual Ministry

Faith-Based Communications

COURSE OF STUDY - 36 Credits

Students will enjoy Oxford-Style Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Tutorial Courses: 6-credit courses

  • Theological Foundations of Communication

  • Building Community with Digital Media

  • Building Engagement with Digital Media

Portfolio Experience - six-credit courses

  • Portfolio Research 

  • Portfolio Project

  • Portfolio Paper

Students will be encouraged to publish their Portfolio Paper on the Northwind site and as a Monograph for wider distribution in select peer-review journals.


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