Doctoral Degree

Innovation in Global Theology and Ministry

Doctor in Contextual Ministry:

Innovation in Global Theology and Ministry 


This degree recognizes the vital importance of all of the Earth’s diverse inhabitants with

their languages, cultures, ways of thought, histories, religions, and their continuing evolution as

individuals, families, groups, and societies. It assumes that matrixed ways of understanding

these complex realities and their implications are essential for the (re)formulation of sound

Christian global theology and effective Christian ministry. Candidates will pursue intense, multidisciplinary, theological reflection and ministry engagement with modern society drawing upon imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Program Objectives

By completing this program concentration, students will:


  • Learn active listening skills fostering a stance of humility, an openness to new knowledge, and a desire for true dialogue remarkably respectful of the“other.” 

  • Learn to interrelate Christian theology and ministry with a wide range of human endeavors. 

  • Discover how insights from arts and culture, business, economics, history, international relations, leadership, management, philanthropy, science and technology, social sciences, government, and public policy can integrate with ministry practice.

  • Engage with Christian praxis in its diverse manifestations around the globe.


Degree Requirements:

(Courses are 3 credit hours; Doctoral Research components are 6 credit hours)


Prerequisites: Global Theology I,II,III

Global Theology and Innovation Foundations 12 hours

Electives 6 hours

Doctoral Research Portfolio 18 hours

TOTAL 36 hours