The Chaplaincy Program is dedicated to preparing pastors and lay caregivers for their chaplaincy roles within the context of their local church ministry 

Certificate programs are offered through Northwind Institute.

Degree programs are offered through Northwind Seminary. 

Dr. Bruce Cook is a
Core Faculty Member of
the Seminary and serves
as the Program Director. 

Dr. Cook has assembled

a group of highly qualified

faculty who serve as Guest Lecturers.

"Being a chaplain is a sacred trust with you and God and your neighbor in need. Northwinds Seminary and Institute will give you the knowledge and skills to be a chaplain to honor that trust. Our main emphasis is to enable you to find a job as a chaplain by honing your skills in practical ways."   --- Rev. Bruce Cook, D.Min

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Program Costs:


  • Master's - $100 per credit hour

  • Doctoral - $200 per credit hour


  • Application - Waived

  • Enrollment - $150

  • Library        - Waived

  • Graduation - $150


  • Duncan Family Fellow

  • Northwind Leader

  • Northwind Scholar

Master in Contextual Ministry

Faith-Based Communications

COURSE OF STUDY - 30 Credits

Students will enjoy Tutorial Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Theological Foundation: 3-credit courses

  • Old Testament - Video Course

  • New Testament- Video Course

  • Church History- Video Course

  • Theology- Video Course

Digital Media Courses: 3-Credit Courses

  • CRM Systems- Tutorial Course

  • Web Design - Tutorial Course

  • Social Media - Tutorial Course

  • Visual Media - Tutorial Course

Capstone Experience: 6-credit course

  • Capstone Project
    Students will produce a digital media project to be used in their context of ministry.

Doctor in Contextual Ministry

Faith-Based Communications

COURSE OF STUDY - 36 Credits

Students will enjoy Oxford-Style Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Tutorial Courses: 6-credit courses

  • Theological Foundations of Communication

  • Building Community with Digital Media

  • Building Engagement with Digital Media

Portfolio Experience - six-credit courses

  • Portfolio Research 

  • Portfolio Project

  • Portfolio Paper

Students will be encouraged to publish their Portfolio Paper on the Northwind site and as a Monograph for wider distribution in select peer-review journals.


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