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Rev. Dr. Bruce Cook is a
Core Faculty Member of
the Seminary and serves
as the Program Director. 

"Being a chaplain is a sacred trust with you and God and your neighbor in need. Northwinds Seminary and Institute will give you the knowledge and skills to be a chaplain to honor that trust. Our main emphasis is to enable you to find a job as a chaplain by honing your skills in practical ways."   --- Rev. Bruce Cook, D.Min

The Chaplaincy Program is dedicated to preparing pastors and lay caregivers for their chaplaincy roles within the context of their local church ministry 

COURSE OF STUDY - 36 Credits

Students will enjoy Oxford-Style Courses with an assigned Faculty Mentor.

Tutorial Courses: 3-credit courses

  • neXtChurch

  • Healthcare Chaplaincy

  • Community Chaplaincy

  • Institutional Chaplaincy

Portfolio Experience - six-credit courses

  • Portfolio Research Methods

  • Portfolio Research I

  • Portfolio Research II

  • Portfolio Paper

Students will be encouraged to publish their Portfolio Paper on the Northwind site and as a Monograph for wider distribution in select peer-review journals.

Program Costs:


  • $300 per credit hour


  • Application - Waived

  • Enrollment - $300

  • Library        - Waived

  • Graduation - $300


  • Duncan Family Fellow

  • Northwind Leader

  • Northwind Scholar

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