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Center for Innovation in Global Theology and Ministry

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Dennis Cheek, Ph.D.

Center Director

The Center for Innovation in Global Theology and Ministry exists to meet both new and
perennial challenges to Christian thought and action in a world increasing in complexity across
time. The Center recognizes the vital importance of all of the Earth’s diverse inhabitants with
their languages, cultures, ways of thought, histories, religions, and their continuing evolution as
individuals, families, groups, and societies. We assume that matrixed ways of understanding
these complex realities and their implications are essential for the (re)formulation of sound
Christian global theology and effective Christian ministry. Our responses must be deeply
contextual, decidedly situational, and manifestly pastoral. We assume a stance of humility, an
openness to new knowledge, and a desire for true dialogue remarkably respectful of the
“other.” Only by sustained engagement, active listening, compassion, empathy, and changes in
historic behaviors and actions can Christianity truly become and remain a “world religion” that
speaks to and meets the needs of people everywhere.

We fully embrace the basics of the Christian religion as outlined in the earliest historic creeds of
the Christian Church. We affirm with the late Arthur Holmes that “all truth is God’s truth” – no
matter where it is found or who utters it. We pursue intense, multidisciplinary, theological
reflection and engagement with modern society drawing upon imagination, creativity,
innovation, and entrepreneurship. We seek to interrelate Christian theology and ministry with a
wide range of human endeavors. This includes insights from arts and culture, business,
economics, history, international relations, leadership, management, philanthropy, science and
technology, social sciences, government, and public policy.

We also engage with Christian praxis in all its manifestations around the globe. We seek to
spawn innovations in theology and ministry at a level and with an entrepreneurial scale
commensurate with challenges facing the Church and the world. We believe that existing
models of church, Christian organizations, and existing practices can all be further innovated to
be more responsive to needs and more effective in operation. The Center deliberately seeks to
generate new models for f2f, virtual, and high-tech, high-touch ministry incorporating attention
to unreached and underserved populations (including the elderly, historically repressed
minorities, inhabitants of rural areas, megacities, and even cyborgs). The Center hopes to
pioneer fresh thinking, pilot and evaluate new approaches, innovate, and create novel tools for
ministry that may employ AI, mixed emerging social media, 3-D immersive worlds, etc. We seek
to become an important touchstone for innovative global theology and ministry.

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Meet Our Faculty

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Center Faculty:

Veronika Androsova, Orthodox Russian Biblical scholar, translator, and lecturer with wide international experience. Expert on the Book of Revelation. MSc, ThM, ThD

Rev. Kenneth Nwokedi Brown, cofounder, God’s Covenant Church International; cofounder and secretary, Faith International Ministerial Alliance, Inc., MTh, MA

Rev. Bernadette Boudoumo Brown, cofounder, God’s Covenant Church International, MTh

Kim Cheek, Associate Professor of Science Education, College of Education and Human Services, University of North Florida, MEd, MS, PhD

Laureen Husband, Director, Public Policy and Community Engagement, Feeding Northeast Florida, MA, EdS, EdD

Rev. Terry King, Executive Director, Leadership and Development Resources, Inc., Co-founder and Leadership Team, Alliance International Ministries, Inc., MA, MA, DMin

Rev. Kian Chuan John Lim, Co-founder and Pastor, Elim Protestant Evangelical Church, Paris; Protestant hospital chaplain, France, DU.VEA, DU.RR., MPhil

Rev. Rebecca Lim-Koh, Co-founder and Associate Pastor, Elim Protestant Evangelical Church, Paris; Protestant hospital chaplain, France, DU.VEA

Rev. Vaseal Montgomery, Ordained Itinerant Elder, African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and Pastor, Allen Chapel AME Church, Houston, FL; Founder and CEO, Favor TechConsulting LLC; MS, MA, MS, MDiv

Father Ikenna Paschal Okpaleke, Catholic priest originally from Nigeria; currently a research assistant within the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Active in ecumenical dialogue as both a scholar and ministry participant. MA, ThM, PhD

Gregory S. Redmon, Esq., Attorney at Law, Senior Counsel Attorneys at Law, Jacksonville, FL, MBA, JD

Rev. Brian Shore, Part-time instructor in psychology, Florida State College at Jacksonville; regional supervising minister, Christian and Missionary Alliance, MDiv, MS, EdD